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Patch for FWTK 2.1

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The IPBind patch allows the Firewall Toolkit proxies to intelligently make use of the multiple network interfaces that almost certainly exist in application-proxy firewalls.

Current Version

The current version is 1.2 which was released June 23, 1999.


The following changes are introduced:

  • -daemon command line option extension. Previously, the -daemon command line option took one argument - a port number or service name. This patch changes the argument so that it can be of one of the following forms:
    • port
    • servicename
    • ip:port
    • ip:servicename
    The first two forms function identically to the unpatched version - binding to the specified port on all available interfaces. The second two, however, bind only to the specified ip address. This allows multiple instances of the proxies to exist serving different purposes on different network interfaces.
  • -name command line option. In order to accommodate the multiple instances of each proxy that can be executing simultaneously, this option, which requires one argument, describes which tag to use when performing lookups against the netperm-table file.
  • Some cleaning up of command-line error messages has been thrown in to provide some more consistent logging. Specifically, all errors relating to command-line arguments have been prefaced with the text "fwtkusageerr". In the past, some log messages had "fwtkusageerr", some had "fwtkcfgerr", and some had no indicative leading text.
  • The plug-gw proxy now has an additional netperm-table option of '-connect-from' which specifies the local IP address to use for outgoing connections.
  • The auth-srv, ftp-gw, http-gw, rlogin-gw, and tn-gw proxies now have an additional netperm-table command of 'local-ip' which specifies the local IP address to use for outgoing connections.

Files Modified

  • auth/authsrv.c
  • ftp-gw/ftp-gw.c
  • http-gw/hmain.c
  • lib/daemon.c
  • netacl/netacl.c
  • plug-gw/plug-gw.c
  • rlogin-gw/rlogin-gw.c
  • tn-gw/tn-gw.c


This patch has been tested and verified on the following systems:

  • Solaris 2.5.1 (sparc)
  • Solaris 2.5 (x86)