Convergent Networking Systems, Inc. (ConNetSys) provides high-quality systems and infrastructure consulting and development. Our team of top-notch consultants has extensive experience in implementing a wide array of networked systems, including:

  • E-commerce Extranets
    • Trading Systems
    • Information Distribution
    • Secure Infrastructure
  • Security
    • Network Security Policy Authoring
    • Network Security Infrastructure Development and Deployment
    • Network Security Application Development
    • Network and System Security Evaluation
  • Intranets
    • Information Distribution
    • Applications
    • Infrastructure
  • Data Warehousing / Decision Support
    • Warehouse Design
    • Warehouse Access Development

Project Phases

Our development process is broken up into 5 distinct phases. In some cases, a given client will execute 1 or more of these phases in-house, outsourcing the remaining pieces to ConNetSys. We work so as to best suit the needs of the client, thereby allowing us to adapt to such circumstances.

Phase Description
Business Requirements In any successful project, the first step is to completely identify the actual business problem that needs to be addressed. This should include a clear list of successful completion criteria - the criteria that clearly define the successful completion of this project.
Technical Requirements The technical requirements are a blueprint of the technical solution to the problems outlined in the business requirements. This blueprint details the exact technical implementation to be generated, including exactly how it addresses the successful completion criteria of the business requirements.
Implementation Implementation involves actually developing the solution outlined in the technical requirements and is only complete when all elements of the technical requirements have been met exactly. There should be no difference between the technical requirements and the final solution.
Knowledge Transfer After implementation is completed, ConNetSys provides a knowledge transfer of the finished product. This includes (but isn't necessarily limited to) full development, implementation, administration, operation, and maintenance documentation, as well as any additional user training that might be involved.
Ongoing Support After the final product is deployed, the need for ongoing support - be it administrative, developmental, or operational support - often arises. ConNetSys will provide people to carry out this task as well.

Project Team

Every development project has at least 4 human resources allocated to it. In many cases, additional resources will be added in order to insure proper completion of the project. All projects, however, have these 4 basic positions filled at all times.

Resource Description
Client Associate The Client Associate is responsible for providing the frontline contact with the actual client. Maintaining a single point of contact for the client helps to establish a good rapport with the client and simplifies the client's interactions with the project team. This helps to insulate the client from the nitty-gritty of the implementation details.
Technical Engineer The Technical Engineer is responsible for implementing the actual project at hand. Very often there are multiple Technical Engineers available on a given project in order to insure as robust a solution as possible in as short a time as possible.
Quality Assurance Engineer Unlike many other environments, the Quality Assurance Engineer is an integral part of the project from start to finish. In order to maintain a superior product, the QA Engineer is involved to insure that the development process is properly executed and that all successful completion criteria are properly met.
Technical Writer The Technical Writer is also involved throughout the development process in order to guarantee a proper documentation trail of all activity in the project and to insure that all required documentation is completed thoroughly and professionally.

Your Project

ConNetSys is able to deliver high-quality, high-impact solutions at an extremely rapid pace due to our tightly integrated core team of professionals. Contact us at your earliest convenience to see how we can get your company moving into the future.